Founded in 1982, Organization Consulting Limited (OCL) is a specialized management consulting practice with a proven track record in executive search. We work with clients as partners to help them overcome human resources challenges and identify the leadership capital they need to grow. Much of the success of our 25-year-old practice is based on the long-term relationships we have developed with our clients. We nurture these relationships by delivering timely, high quality results within budget. 

Mission - To be the best at what we do. OCL is noted for quality, service excellence and adding value to our clients' bottom-line. Our mission guides the development of approaches to meet our clients' needs. 

Approach - We take a strategic perspective in all executive search engagements, devoting significant effort at the front-end to obtain a thorough understanding of the client's needs, culture and business strategy as it impacts the search. Developing an ideal candidate profile to guide us is critical to uncovering the best candidate; during this phase we prefer research and direct sourcing to expensive advertising. Our direct sourcing expertise allows us to target specific organizations and potential candidates.