Our recent work with the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Board (TWRB) reinforced how strong communication can contribute to meeting demanding deadlines. Working closely togeher, we were able to complete a search for three new Board members in five weeks.

There was a brief window of opportunity to accomplish this critical serach engagement. We were not confident of meeting such a tight deadline without a sharp focus from both our team and the client. Communication was the key, and our effective use of email and the phone contributed to a successful conclusion. We evaluated more than 300 applicants from all walks of life, each one a committed Torontonian who wanted to make a difference. Our frequent communication helped us cut the time for a typical search by more than half.

Commitment to a common goal can be a powerful motivator. We could not sustain such a timetable with all searches, but it is very satisfying to achieve effective teamwork so quickly and easily, and achieve a great outcome. The new Board members were selected within five weeks, and the Corporation was pleased with our ability to deliver on our commitment to them.